Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up, leaving after only 9 months

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship ended after just 9 months. “Too busy, they decided to remain friends,” said a source close to the former couple.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson they broke up. Nine months after their first meeting, the 41-year-old American star and the 28-year-old comedian have decided to say goodbye. No drama, no difficult separation. Kim and Pete split by mutual agreement due to work commitments and excessive distance. Kim lives in Los Angeles while Pete has settled in New York but is often on business trips. Aided by their respective commitments, including the familiar ones of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, the two were unable to find a system that could make their relationship work.

The meeting on Saturday Night Live

Davidson and Kim had met during an episode of the Saturday Night Live. The comedian, face of the show for 8 years, had decided to leave the show in May, a few months after the beginning of his relationship with the American star. Pete and Kim had come out almost immediately. Photographed together after that first meeting, they had been spotted multiple times in intimate postures. The fact that photos had already circulated about them had pushed them to come out by posting the first couple photos on Instagram, until the formalization took place on the stage of the Met Gala, an event in which the two participated as a couple.

After the love, the “Kete” remained friends

But a source close to the ex-couple says that Kim and Pete have decided to break up amicably, without drama: “They have a lot of love and respect for each other but found that the long distance and their busy schedules made it really difficult to maintain a relationship“. Her with Davidson was Kim Kardashian’s first official relationship since her divorce with ex-husband Kanye West. A bond so important that the comedian would have had the initials of his partner’s children tattooed on his body. Those directly affected have not yet officially commented on the news of the breakup.

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