Katy Perry’s bad time: Tight red leather pants play a trick on her | Present

Some of the most notorious television moments in the United States are being starred in this season Katy Perry. The soloist acts as a judge in the popular talent show American Idol and during the broadcast of his most recent program, some tight red leather pants played a trick on him.

Aware that what was recorded weeks ago was going to be shown in the American prime-time, the Californian was responsible for generating expectations on her social networks with the broadcast of the program: “I feel your eyes nailed to my tight pants tonight. I don’t lose for a groundbreaking good time”.

And so much so that it was. Katy Perry was performing teenage dreams during a moment of the show when he decided to bend down while dancing and the seams of his pants said goodbye. The public was amazed at what had happened to her and at the improvised solution they found so that she could move on: yellow electrical tape.

Taking advantage of the virality of the moment, the Californian has shown the promotional images of her new clothing collection KP Collections, among which she is wearing this famous red pants.

A viral moment that is going around the world and occupying the headlines of the media that highlight the naturalness with which Katy Perry is assuming her new figure after motherhood.

What is clear is that the soloist seems to have left behind that phase of motherhood in which she claimed not to feel sexy at all. A much needed publication for millions of women around the world. The curves that marked a good stage of her musical career were accentuated after her pregnancy.

With the passage of time, and without giving her little one a minute of attention, the artist has begun to take care of herself physically and recover her pre-pregnancy shape. We have been hearing about it through her social networks where she has wanted to share this long process of many months of healthy life and care but without going crazy.

Katy Perry’s pants problem on American Idol

It is not the first time that Katy Perry goes through this mishap in American Idol. In 2018 the Californian suffered another small crisis with her wardrobe in the most unexpected way: he laughed so hard that he ended up ripping his pants. How do you read it!

With the humor that characterizes her, far from being ashamed of the situation, Katy got up from her seat and showed the openness that she had in the garment to the entire public present. Come on, the artist of Swish Swish has no problem showing that she, like you and me, is human and her clothes rip. Luckily for Katy, the show wasn’t live (like her 2022 mishap) and post-production magic was able to cover her behind with the show’s logo for broadcast. Of course, she herself shouted for it during the program: “Cover my butt!”.

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