Jennifer Lopez suggests wannahave hairstyles to flaunt in August

Give me three words: Jennifer Lopez rules. Because she alone succeeds in making even the most cynical ones believe that love stories with a happy ending exist, and that she can walk without staggering with a 15-inch heel and a sultry-proof hair. The superstar of superstars confirms herself as the queen of summer 2022, not only for having married her love Ben Affleck with two decades of delay, but also for showing us once again the right path to follow if we are in tries to hairstyles simple to make but that ensure one coolness stratospheric.

J.Lo is the pinwheel of trendy hairlook to copy

We know that like the Latin diva, no one megagalactic ever, but we consider her honeymoon in Paris as a compendium of style at 360 degrees from head to toe, to be studied and deepened. Yes, because in addition to showing off a pinwheel of à la page looks, J.Lo has switched the hairstyles at every change of outfit.

The diva has brought a touch of the 70s to the French capital in version 4.0 with her own long hair with curtain bang, the curtain fringe popularized in the 60s / 70s by two legendary icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Parade and wispy, she framed her face in both loose hair mode (smooth and flowing, a caramel cascade on the shoulders that we get hot just looking at it but that J.Lo waves nonchalantly) is in mode ponytail, the hairstyle that, as confirmed by His Majesty from the blockis ideal for this season.

Lopez shows two versions: a more relaxed one with tendrils, or the soft tufts with a Nineties flavor that unwind from the hairstyle, a higher one that leaves the forehead uncovered and shows the perfectly combed baby hair.

Jennifer Lopez. Ipa photo


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