Jennifer Lawrence remembers the time she almost died on a plane

As he said, the events occurred in 2017, during a private Kentucky-New York flight. Suddenly one of the aircraft’s engines began to fail, forcing them to make an emergency landing in Buffalo.

Jennifer Lawrence thought she would die on that plane.

“My skeleton was all that was left on the seat. We were all going to die. I started leaving little mental voice messages to my family, you know, ‘I’ve had a great life, I’m sorry,'” the actress told the magazine. Vanity Fair.

“I felt guilty because everyone was going to be so sad. And oh gosh, Pippi (my dog) was on my lap, that was the worst part. There was that little thing that didn’t ask to be a part of any of this.” Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence remember that when they landed there were ambulances and fire trucks, which arrived at the runway. And that’s when she began to pray.

“(I prayed) not to the specific God I grew up with, because he was scary and a very judgmental guy, but I thought, ‘My God, maybe we’ll survive this? I will be a victim of burns, this will be painful, but maybe we will live. Please, Lord Jesus, let me keep my hair. Wrap me in your arms. Please don’t let me go soon.’”

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