Jennifer Aniston: how to wear skinny jeans like the actress in 2022

Jennifer Aniston has the most versatile wardrobe of all. The key? It is made up of all the basic garments that all women need to have: skinny jeans, waders, classic coats, biker jackets Y white tennis. If you ticked the whole list, you are quite an expert in fashion.

Now, let’s talk about American actress Jennifer Aniston’s pants. Although the best dressed street style have announced the withdrawal of the skinny jeans in 2022If you still don’t feel ready to get them out of your wardrobe (and your life) just look at the Photographs of the actress to realize that she has worn this type of skinny jeans for years and they still work great. Moreover, we could be seeing a photo of the actress walking to a recording set and not knowing if we are in 2015 or 2022. Because her daily uniform it is so timeless, that it has maintained its validity regardless of the passing of the years.

Now that we get the point across that skinny jeans aren’t dead in 2022 (and probably never will), let’s take note of how she wears them the actress from Friends: black, faded and with the folded hem. Their style is made up of pieces so essential in neutral colors that never looks repetitive. With the skinny jeans, Aniston you can play with a more boho Californian style or embody the spirit of a rock star, there is no middle ground.

How to wear skinny jeans like Jennifer Aniston?

skinny jeans and ankle boots

The actress walking in black jeans and ankle boots.


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