Jair Bolsonaro answered Leonardo DiCaprio for his criticism of Amazon deforestation

The actor published this Tuesday in the social network of the little bird a map of the NGO MapBiomas showing the change that the brazilian amazon in the last three years as a result of deforestation due to illegal extractivist activities.

Bolsonaro, as he had done in May of this year, pointed to the actor’s yacht: “I could tell you again to give up owning a yacht before you lecture the world, but I know progressives, they want to change the world but they never want to change their behavior.”


The right-wing president complained that the actor does not publish the forest fires in the United States and Europe: “Someone may think that you are obsessed with my country (or its natural resources) or if you think that Brazil is the only one on earth”.

“You can continue playing with your Hollywood star toys while we continue working here”added Bolsonaro, who argued that his government’s average Amazon deforestation is lower than that of previous administrations.

The report published by Leonardo DiCaprio indicates that the Amazon deforestation rate in 2021 was 1.9 hectares per minute.According to MapBios, the Amazon rainforest concentrates the largest front of deforestation in Brazil, with 59% of the logging at the national level recorded by satellite images.


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