From Plaza Gomensoro to New York: the Uruguayan woman who took her jewelry to a top store and sold it to a famous singer – 08/05/2022

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the jewels of Cindy Kleist landed this week in the Big Apple. «I always look for opportunities, but for the first time they knocked on my door; the Flying Solo multi-brand storeinvited me to sell in New York», said excitedly Uruguayan goldsmith who started his business in 2009.

With original and unique creations, Kleist achieved a good reputation in the local market and his collections gained popularity, but he never thought his pieces would go so far.

“There are those who think that I am fulfilling a dream, but I have never been encouraged to dream so big,” said who, before hearing the yes from the exclusive US store, went through an exhaustive interview process. They asked him how he designs, how he makes these entirely handmade pieces, to what his production capacity is.

Starting this week, a collection of 25 pieces by Cindy Kleist is being sold at Flying Solo in the New York neighborhood of Soho

«As of Monday, August 1, 25 of my pieces are exhibited in the store installed in Soho. On Tuesday there was an opening party to celebrate the new designers and I stayed in Uruguay because my Visa had expired,” said Kleist, who is already preparing his next trip.

When the goldsmith arrives in New York, she will enter through the front door. In four days of exhibition, her pieces have already captured the attention of Cardi-B, the famous American rapper, songwriter, actress and businesswoman, who will wear her jewelry before a community that has -only on Instagram- 139 million followers. As if that were not enough, some of her creations will be part of magazine productions and a stylist reserved a set of bracelets of her authorship.

Cardi B in Roskilde, 2019. Photo: Reuters
Cardi B in Roskilde, 2019. Photo: Reuters

In addition to requesting some jewelry for sale, the shipment to the exclusive store included five special pieces for its “Public Relations” space. “That reserved area that is visited by editors, influencers and artists, who choose products there to use in productions, fashion shows or shows, is a world that we don’t know as much about here, but that will give my work a lot of visibility,” he explained.

The company creates by hand, an average of 150 pieces per month

The quality of the jewels that traveled abroad is the same that Kleist offers in his workshop of Gomensoro Square. In fact, some of the creations that are in the soho are part of the Couture collectioninspired by lace and a tribute to her first profession: fashion designer.

The hobby that he started gave way to becoming professional, growing and teaming up with other goldsmiths. Today his firm makes an average of 150 pieces per month, all with the same criteria: be generous in raw materials and with unique designs.

survive the pandemic

Cindy Kleist jewelry.
Cindy Kleist jewelry.

Although Kleist had a loyal clientele, the pandemic multiplied his work. “With time in their homes, they found jewels from another time, which were stored in drawers or chests and people wanted to update them, transform what they had to give it new forms and meanings”, he explained. This is another of his creative veins, the ability to listen to what his clients need and propose jewelery with renewed meaning.

In the interview with his clients there is everything: from sad stories to the happiest. Kleist is honored to hear each one and says that the talks give way to what she calls “recycling”, but that it is also a new design that always has a lot of personality.

“Sometimes a grandmother’s necklace becomes a piece for each of her granddaughters or several chains give way to an alliance or an important jewel,” explained who basically works with gold, silver and stones. “An innovation we made was to incorporate bronze, which makes costs not so high and allows us to create impact pieces,” she remarked.

“Each jewel is unique, it is a small sculpture that tells a story,” he assured.

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