From Joan Laporta to Triple H: WWE also activates its levers

Con the way out of Vince McMahon of WWE the company has taken an unimaginable turnaround until just a few weeks ago. The arrival of Stephanie McMahon as CEO but above all the position of value within the creative team that he now has Triple H make that WWE has activated the necessary levers to grow in the stock market like no other and in the hearts of fans like it has for a long time.

A dead king…

While the Football Club Barcelona continues to surprise the sports and business world with its post-pandemic management model and continues to activate levers and lose long-term assets, there is less than a week left for the start of La Liga and we still do not know if they will be able to register all their signings . The Raphinhas, Lewandowsky, Kound, etc… are still waiting for the activation of the fourth lever to be able to say of all that they are La Liga players, and this is when you start the comparisons and parallels with the WWE management model in the post-Vince McMahon era.

If since this virus that continues to infect the world came into our lives, WWE has shed many of its assets (consolidated fighters, legends, young promises…) now, in 2022, it is time to pick up where we left off. Inexplicably, the world’s largest sports entertainment company let out talents such as Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan, Keith Lee, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman or Dakota Kai, just to name a few. Many of them ended up ending up in the “rival company” of AEW and many others have managed to endure with a wide view thinking that the time will come to return to WWE, from where they should never have left.

And that moment came. The storm unleashed by the accusations of hidden payments in exchange for not uncovering sexual scandals of the highest positions in the company, against Mr. McMahon and his acolytes such as John Laurinaitis, ended up leading to the most surprising and historic goodbye of all when Vince left definitely all his positions in WWE just before SummerSlam. With Vince out, the door opens to what everyone has been waiting for for a long time, the taking of total and absolute power by the Levesque-McMahon marriage or what is the same, Triple H and Stephanie; especially having the first as the protagonist when he resumed his creative role and relationships with the talents that he had to leave due to a stroke that almost cost him his life a year ago.

The game goes between levers

And yes, SummerSlam arrived and with it the first more than expected returns such as Dakota Kai or the forgotten Io Shirai (now better known as Iyo Sky) that accompanied Bayley, who although it is true returned after a knee injury that He has kept her away from the ring for more than a year, she could well be WWE’s “new signing” in the purest Dembel and FC Barcelona style. The same could be said of Edge’s return at that same event. The first lever was already activated and it is joined by the rumored freedom when making promos or the return of prohibited words in WWE such as “wrestling” (wrestling) or “wrestler” (fighter).

The second lever was activated last night, during the SmackDown broadcast, when Karrion Kross also returned to the company. We remember that destructive and dominating Kross from the best era of NXT and not the happy, colorful and youthful current product, accompanied by his wife in real life Scarlett Bordeaux and with a tremendous and dark character who started the countdown to your worst nightmare. His brief passage through the main cast under the orders of Vince and company meant the loss of his aura appearing on the scene without his wife and with a “gladiator model” that owed more pain than anything else. Who had seen him and who saw him. But Kross has known how to put up with carts and carts to return to SmackDown for everything big and get into the story between Drew McIntyre and the current and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Two fingers.

Are there more levers left to activate in WWE? Yes, and they are running. Just as the team trained by Xavi will have to make use of the fourth and who knows if one more to less than a week before the start of the league, WWE has Bray Wyatt in the bedroom in addition to more than advanced conversations with the current Champions for Couples Sasha Banks and Naomi, who left their jobs in a bad way and of their own free will more than a month ago because they did not agree with the creative direction of their stories. Everything seems to indicate that their return is closer than ever and that they would thus complete the next step in the stock market profitability of a company that they had dared to question and that now seems more alive and fruitful than ever.

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