Fortnite: Ariana Grande could earn more than 20 million dollars with her concert

Epic Games confirmed this week their new collaboration in fortnite battle royale: a concert with the singer Ariana Grande, who will star in the rift tour of Fortnite from August 6 to 8. Fortnite It has become more than just a battle royale, it is a promotion platform for athletes, film premieres and singers, so Grande will hold a series of virtual concerts that those who log in during the days and hours of the program can enjoy. How much could an artist of this level earn for appearing on Fortnite? According to Forbes, more than 20 million dollars.

This medium recalls that the last “mega-concert” of Fortnite made Travis Scott earn $20 million in merchandising sales, much more than he gets from a live concert with Astroworld -1.7 million-, and 40% of what he gets from a tour. “I’m not sure if the merchandising here includes digital items like the Travis Scott look rather than physical items like records and t-shirts, but it almost certainly does,” the text speculates. “While the exact details of these Epic deals with artists are not known, it seems clear that there is some kind of payment for their appearance and then the star receives a percentage of the sales of cosmetic objects.

Easy money for short gigs

Forbes then points out that Ariana Grande’s potential is greater than that of Travis Scott: she has sold more albums and has a larger fan base, so it is logical to think that Grande will have no problem getting over that 20 million dollars. “Travis Scott’s Astroworld was nine minutes in total, a fraction of what it takes for a live concert. Si made $1.7 million for his best concerts and $20 million for FortniteThat’s more than 10 times more than their concert record for something like ten minutes.”

For the Ariana Grande event they speculate a similar duration or probably no more than 15 to 20 minutes. “Preparing and performing for a digital event is a different kind of work, of course, but compared to a physical concert? This should be easy money for the artist“.

This medium hopes that we will see more collaborations in the future, although due to the amount of work it involves for Epic Games, it may not be more than a few concerts a year. “Yes, I would expect the best musical acts in the world to want to try this when they realize how absurdly profitable it can bewith much less work on their part than a traditional concert entails”.

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