Evan Rachel Wood Clarifies Her Stance On Amber Heard After Being Accused Of Supporting Her

The trial may be over but the controversy continues to Amber Heard, and this time Evan Rachel Wood has been involved in the process. The development of the story continues with the actress of Westworld – 75% addressing the public after the press put their name in several headlines by comparing details of their life with what has happened with the protagonist of Aquaman – 73% before, during and after her relationship with Johnny Depp and the publicized trial that declared the actor the winner of the lawsuit.

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The next step in the saga involves Evan Rachel Wood and the social media reaction to her social media posts regarding Heard and the trial. The actress took to Instagram to clarify some photos that were taken of her and Heard, explaining that they don’t necessarily indicate that they are associated. These photos are old, but they have surfaced again and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s all about trying to steer the narrative towards a specific point. The same thing happened with the trial, where at least online the interests of various groups were at stake.

Evan Rachel Wood has clarified its position on the treatment of Amber Heard on social media after publishing a report about trolling directed at the actress during the defamation trial of Johnny Depp. The Westworld actress appeared to distance herself from Heard and criticized the media for reporting on her post yesterday. She also upset some fans by apparently comparing Heard to Harvey Weinstein. Having been published in her Instagram stories, the content could only be seen for 24 hours, but several people took screenshots and uploaded them to other social networks.

The situation is curious, because several users began to share a 2015 photograph of the actresses together, on which Evan Rachel Wood He said that it was an event for his stylist, who had also worked with Amber Heard and for that reason they coincided. In addition to the fact that the photo was from 7 years ago, she did not really compare Heard to Weinstein in the way they referred, but instead posted a photo of the same event, where she appears with other actors, including Taylor Lautner, to refer to that under the “logic” of the people everyone who is posing in a photo with Heard becomes an abuser.

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For this reason, he sent a message in which he says that everything that comes out of his mouth, or in this case everything that is on his social networks, will be taken out of context (via Newsweek):

No matter what you say, it will be taken out of context. And since social media has proven time and time again that it is NOT the place to have nuanced conversations, and the media wants to click the bait, especially when you talk about abuse, I will reinstate my original comment on where I stand on the matter that was, “No comment.”

In a subsequent post, the actress said that she was going to make her account private after receiving death threats and that she hopes to disappear from social media soon. For several months, she has limited her comments on her Instagram account after she denounced Marilyn Manson because she received many hateful comments and threats. Her emphasis that every time abuse victims speak up something like this happens was sunk in so much controversy, but it should be taken into account because a pattern could be found.

Several investigations found that during the trial of Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard bots and false accounts on Twitter were involved that directed messages against the actress. The organization Sentinelbot, which is dedicated to combating online bullying and misinformation, analyzed 14,292 tweets with anti-Heard hashtags like “AmberHeardIsALiar” for the report, which reported that 627 accounts were solely dedicated to tweeting negative things about Amber Heard and her followers. during and after the trial. Almost a quarter of the accounts that tweeted negative hashtags related to Amber Heard were created in the last seven months.

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