Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock’, debuts as a rapper: the result will surprise you


Dwayne Johnson has shown that there are few genres that resist him now. Although no one expected rapper debut of the actor, ‘The Rock’ has been encouraged to participate in the Tech N9ne new singlecollaborating with other artists such as Joey Cool or King Iso.

From athlete to businessman. From action movies to films for the little ones. Dwayne Johnson has shown that does not disgust any work nor to any gender. However, his followers have been amazed after ‘The Rock’ has dared, at 49 years old, to debut in the world of music.

few expected the actor’s debut as a rapperbut his new collaboration with renowned artists such as Tech N9ne, Joey Cool or King Iso is not leaving anyone indifferent. In fact, it may surprise you more than we are used to by the protagonist of Baywatch.

Through their social networks, Dwayne Johnson shared the news with his followers, with a section of his participation in face-offa topic of the last Tech N9ne album, ASIN9NE, released this Friday. “Made my historic rap debut (luckily it didn’t suck). Big shout out to all ‘hip hop’ and music fans for your reactions,” he wrote.

Dwayne Johnson, the most versatile actor

As explained Tech N9ne in an interview for Variety, He wanted from the beginning that a fighter contribute to the themewith the intention of turning the song into a perfect theme for sporting events and gyms.

“It’s an energetic song. It’s going to get people pumped up to lift weights, pumped up to fight, pumped up to play… And what better person than him? Conor McGregor no, I don’t know him. i know the rock“commented the American rapper.

Own Dwayne Johnson has confessed that he recorded his verse in one take. The song is also part of the advertising campaign of his new clothing collection, called Outlaw Manadesigned in collaboration with Under Armor.

Dwayne Johnson in the video for Face Off.

Dwayne Johnson in the video for Face Off. // Youtube

It’s not the first time he raps

However, many users have wanted to remind ‘The Rock’ that this It is not the first topic in which he dares to rap. In fact, almost 20 years ago, in collaboration with Wyclef Jean and Melky Sedeck, the actor sang his first verses on the song It Doesn’t Matter.

Furthermore, his appearance in Disney movies He has also left us some great songs sung by The Rock, such as You’re Welcomein Moanaa real success among fans of animated films in recent years and a true anthem for the little ones.

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