Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio was labeled in Hollywood as an actor with poor hygiene?

The easiest and most logical thing is to blame the hormones. When you are young and still developing there is a whole revolution in the body that sometimes takes a little longer to stabilize for some people. Also, we can say that the weather can be a great ally and, at the same time, the worst of our enemies. A third reason can be attributed to the fact that some perspire more than others, especially if they refuse to use products such as deodorants and other types of cologne.

The truth is that a long time has passed, to be precise, 26 years since the premiere of the film Romeo and Juliet. This movie is the one that took a young Leonardo Dicaprio to be considered one of the most outstanding actors in Hollywood and at a very young age. However, there are certain memories that cloud everything good that an artist can give, because the actor was once again at the center of the comments regarding his participation in the film and not precisely because of his great performance, but because of a sad anecdote that more than two decades is still very present in the actress Miriam Margolyes.


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