Chris Hemsworth lives in fear of never being Thor again

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After more than 10 years of Chris Hemsworth will venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comes to the big screen “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the fourth installment of the God of Thunder where Hemsworth confesses that every time he interprets it he is convinced that they will not call him again.

Chris Hemsworth explained that whenever they call him to do the character, he feels grateful, although whenever he interprets it he thinks it will be the last time and that Marvel won’t want me back.

Despite the fact that the actor is one of the last avengers to remain on the big screen, this does not give Chris Hemsworth peace of mind, who debuted at Marvel in 2011.

“The first time was intimidating, I didn’t know if I belonged to this universe,” says the actor, in addition to the fact that the Australian actor has been making his own the character of Thor, an insipid Viking with a statuesque physique and linked to Greek mythology, until turning him into into a hero whose existential crisis leads him to make the wrong decisions and distance himself from the people he loves. commented.

The new installment “Thor: Love and Thunder”, is character-focused, exploiting the emotional meltdown like no previous character film to deliver the most surreal and risk-taking take on Marvel to date.

How was the recording of “Thor: Love and Thunder”?

Chris Hemsworth relates that between 7 and 8 hours of improvisation were recorded, Well, thanks to the ingenuity and mastery of director Taika Waititi, it was possible to put together a coherent story with a message.

Waititi printed his stamp again in a continuation that does not take the epic of superheroes very seriously, in addition to focusing on humor and the protagonist’s search for emotional balance.

Natalie Portman’s return to Marvel

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. This fourth installment is based on Thor’s encounter with astrophysicist Jane Foster.

For her part, Natalie Portman did not expect to embody her again since in 2016 she assured that her work in the franchise had ended.

On this occasion, Taika Waititi, gave Natalie Portman the role of Mighty Thorwho previously appeared in the original comics over 50 years ago as a female version of Thor who shares his powers and takes over the Mjolnir.

The new Thor movie includes eighties winks, full of irony and a heavy metal rhythm in which the couple and the rest of the superheroes must settle their differences while fighting Gorr, a villain known as the Butcher of the Gods, who is determined not to leave a living deity in the world and is played by Christian Bale.

On the other hand, Chris Hemsworth points out that everything Thor does has to do with the experiences and traumas he has experienced in the past.

“I don’t know what Disney and Marvel are up to, but if they decide to bring me back, I’d be happy to come back. It’s been a lot of fun.” Chris Hemsworth commented.

Would you like Chris Hemsworth to continue playing the role of Thor?

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