Britney Spears changes the relationship she has with her children

Britney Spears lives a new life after ending her legal custody to which she was subjected and also with her new and recent marriage with Sam Asghari.

However, he was surprised that his two sons be (16 years old) and Jayden (of 15) did not attend the media link. That generated a certain stir in the world of entertainment. Many questioned the singer’s relationship with her two offspring of hers.

However, their bond would be closer than ever, as reported by Hollywood Life through a source and the three are very close at this stage of their lives.

The recent move of Britney Spears to a neighborhood near where her children live in California has made things a lot easier. This is how they describe it from this medium.

An increasingly strong relationship between Britney Spears and her children

Now that she lives in the same neighborhood as her kids in Calabasas, they visit her house quite often. They go to her mom’s pool and they like that she’s accessible.”

They also describe that the house has their own bedrooms for them, so their time and space are respected. Britney Spears wants you to feel at home.

Sean and Jayden are the result of the marital relationship that Britney Spears had with the dancer kevin federline. Both divorced in 2006. Later, the singer’s personality problems, together with her legal custody, prevented her from seeing her children grow up day by day.

Now, try to make up for that lost time. “Britney’s only hope is that her relationship continues to grow and become even more solid, as her world is hers to hers,” reveals the same source. Things flow well between Spears and her children, as well as with Sam Asghari. Both Sean and Jayden are on good terms with her mother’s new husband.

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