After 9 months of fire, Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson broke up

The reality star and the comedian cast by Saturday Night Live are no longer a couple. Distance and mutual commitments would be the reason for the end of a short but intense love story

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Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson they had quickly become one of the most prominent couples of the American showbiz, so much so that they deserved their own personal acronym born from the crasis between their names like the great Hollywood loves of the recent past. They had become the Kete (Kim + Pete), the protagonists of an almost unpredictable love on paper which, however, has made a lot of talk in the last nine months, up to today’s friendly farewell

Kim and Pete, the first kiss on stage

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Galeotta for the couple had been the guest of Kim Kardashan to the Saturday Night Livethe program that has launched many names in American comedy over the years, including the same Pete Davidson. After the first kiss on stage during the program, Kim later confessed, she had been looking for Pete without expecting that something could really arise from that exchange. Kardashian, on the other hand, had just gotten out of a divorce as complicated as she was chatted with Kanye West and Davidson was also in a time of great change, about to leave the show that had baptized him after 8 years.

Story of a complicated love

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It was not just age that represented a stumbling block for the couple in nine months of intense but complicated love. The 41-year-old influencer and the 28-year-old actor also had to manage the wrath of Kim’s ex, rapper Kanye West, who did not mind heavily targeting the new partner of the fresh ex-wife before with a dissing on his album Donda 2 and then on social networks. In the video of his piece Eazy, West explicitly threatened Davidson and then closed with a sibylline: “And they all lived happily ever after… except you know who”. Yeezy had then repeatedly stigmatized on the internet the alleged unreliability of his rival, who has never made a secret of the addiction and mental health problems he had in the past.

A bond that will stay with him (to Pete)

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Even certain difficulties did not seem to have undermined the serenity of Kete with Kim and Pete who, just a few weeks ago, appeared amused in the latest trailer of the new season of The Kardashians. Now he, who says he uses tattoos as part of his “diary of his life”, will have to find a way to understand the different tattoos dedicated to the last flame. Not a new situation for Davidson, who still has a “memory” of the former Ariana Grande on his body. For our part we can give the comedian at this point only one piece of advice: Pete, next time maybe get a henna tattoo. At least those, after a maximum of a few months, are canceled without a shot being fired.

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