A study indicates that American consumers are starting to tire of cinecomics and Marvel movies

A new study conducted in the United States indicates that American consumers are starting to tire of cinecomics and Marvel movies.

From the very first X-Men of 2000, the phenomenon of cinecomics has grown incredibly and within a few years has consolidated as one of the most profitable and popular genres of all Hollywoodcapable of collecting staggering figures at the box office all over the world. But what will happen to this type of film in the future? There will come a time when audiences will get tired of superheroes or will the majors be so skilled as to renew their franchises from time to time to make them more and more attractive? Despite the expectation from fans for the projects announced at San Diego Comic Con and for those in development, many believe the supply of superhero products is beginning to outstrip demand, running the potential risk of market saturation.

The consumer behavior analysis company Morning Consult interviewed 2,200 adults in United States in November 2021 and this July to compare the levels of the “Marvel fatigue“, That is the”Marvel movie fatigue“. Since the investigation was conducted in November, three films of the Marvel Cinematic UniverseSpider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And Thor: Love and Thunder – a film from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (Morbius) and one of the Warner / DCor The Batman.

According to the data collected, the 31% of Marvel fans admitted to being “a little tired of so many superhero movies“, Registering a 2% increase compared to the November results. The 59% of adults said they still appreciate cinecomics over the 64% of November. The only generation that has seen an increase in interest in superhero movies and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies is Generation Z: the 53% of those interviewed said in July that they wanted to continue seeing cinecomics in theaters. It is a 6% increase compared to 47% of November.


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