A Fortnite fan imagines what his collaboration with Dragon Ball would be like and hopefully it will come true

Since the possibility was leaked that Fortnite get to collaborate with Dragon Ball with a clue that left no room for doubt, there are many questions that have been arising regarding this supposed crossover; from when would it be held within the battle royale until what skins could we expect from it, this second part being the one on which I come to focus here.

Fortnite: What will be the release date of the new Dragon Ball skins?

The thing is that the community of Fortnite It didn’t take long to launch their own designs and ideas about what items would make it to the battle royale with this Dragon Ball crossover. And today I have come to bring you one that has blown my mind for a specific reason: I think that the accessories of the skins that are mentioned in the images would reach perfection in the game of Epic Games. I leave you with all the details below:

  • The designs are works of BATPLAY47 on Twitter (just because of how well these ideas are built, they deserve a follow)
  • Based on the screenshots, we can see that his imagined crossover consists of four characters: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Bulma
  • What freaks me out the most are the accessories that you have imagined would come to Fortnite with this crossover. I’m especially crazy about C-16’s head that could arrive as a backpacking accessory for Gohan’s outfit ❗
  • I leave you with the images below so you can take a look with your own eyes:

What do you think of this concept? And, more importantly: What skin of dragon ball would you like to see in Fortnite? I read you carefully in the comments.

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