Will Smith wins the Oscar for best actor after losing his temper at the gala

The third time was the charm. And she has been preceded by controversy. Will Smith has won the Oscar for best actor at the 94th edition of the Hollywood Academy Awards for playing Richard Williams, the father of the tennis players Venus and Serena in the biopic Williams method. Shortly before, the actor had starred in an unfortunate moment at the gala by getting up and slapping Chris Rock after making a joke about his wife’s hairstyle, Jada.

The African-American actor, who became known to the public in the series The prince of Bel Airwas the top favorite after sweeping the awards season by winning the Golden Globe and the Bafta, among other awards, for embodying a man who insisted ad nauseam and overcame all obstacles, which were not few, to turn their daughters into the best tennis players of all time.


Will Smith upon arrival at the Oscars

John Locher / AP

His great opponent was Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Phil Burbank in the acclaimed the power of the dog. Smith had already been a candidate for the statuette on two previous occasions, in 2002 for there (Michael Mann) and in 2007 by Looking for happiness (Gabriele Muccino), but in both cases he left empty-handed.

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“Richard was a staunch supporter of his family and at this point in my life I am overwhelmed by what God is asking me to do in this world.” “I have received the call to love and protect people and be a river for my people,” he said with emotion and tears in his eyes. He has also apologized to the Academy: “I hope the academy will invite me again, it’s over.”

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