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UNITED STATES.- audrina patridgea well-known American model and actress, turned down an invitation from Leonardo DiCaprio in the past.

In accordance with Who, Patridge flew to Las Vegas to attend a birthday party where several celebrities gathered. They were in a club, when the actor sent him an invitation to sit at his tablebut for her it was too “intimidating”.

In his recent book Choices: To the Hills and Back Againthe actress told:

I was there with some of my cast mates from the movie Sorority Row, as well as Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, and even Leonardo DiCaprio… A doorman came up to me and said that Leo wanted to buy me a drink at his table. I looked over at his table and he was surrounded by supermodels. He was intimidating.”

Do you think your relationship would not have worked out?

Audrine he said he would go to his table, but he didn’t, so Leonardo himself approached her to introduce himself. They talked, he asked her for her phone number and they kept in touch for a while.

“Worse we never got anywhere”said the actress. She also said that even if they had dated as a couple, it would not have worked because of the “paparazzi attention” and his busy schedule on the reality show The Hills.

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