Where do Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck currently live?

In the show business there are many couples that surprise and become a trend, however, currently one of the relationships between celebrities that has given the most to talk about is the one that stars Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleckthe two Hollywood figures had maintained a relationship in 2002, however, for reasons that are not entirely clear, they chose to separate.

But life takes many turns and what is for you, even if you take off. Recently the couple has returned to the relationship that they starred in more than 20 years ago and has finally finalized their marriage bond.

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The Puerto Rican actor and singer got married a few months ago in Las Vegas, quickly capturing the attention of hundreds of international media, now that they are trending daily they have been traveling and showing their love, but where do they live in everyday life?, we tell you.

The couple of the moment: Where do Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck currently live?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck currently live in California, in the city of Los Angeles. The couple has caused controversy from the moment they decided to get married because the alleged clause that both signed around their sexual life went viral.

Now, after a few months of their marriage, they have decided separate for a whilebut not because of problems but because of a mutually agreed decision to strengthen their relationship, miss each other, earn money and be together in a complete waystill do not know if they will live in separate houses or in the same one, but at the moment it is circulating in different media that will dedicate themselves to their professional career.

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both have exclusive properties parts of the United States, both bought a luxurious property in the section of Bel Air in Los Angeleswhere it is known they currently live, but, according to information issued by various media, this could change in the coming weeks.

The couple has houses in Los Angeles, meanwhile, Affleck owns his own mansion in Pacific Palisades and she a luxury apartment in Manhattan, in addition to her house in Encino.

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