Tomb Raider: 4 actresses to replace Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in the reboot

Tomb Raider is back for sale (Mr. Solis explains it perfectly in the news). In 2018 we had the reboot with alice vikander playing Lara Croft and since then there hasn’t been a move on a sequel, so MGM has lost the rights and now they’re back on the air. Many studios are eager to acquire them and exploit the franchise of the most famous archaeologist in the world of video games.

As the leading actress also left, I assumed that there will be a new choice for the role of Lady Croftso I have decided to contribute my grain of sand and propose several names for that role.

tomb Raider

I’ve spanned ages in my twenties and thirties for a future somewhat long-standing franchise, so let’s take up arms, adjust the backpack and direct to find the perfect actress, at least in my humble opinion.

The Cuban actress has been involved in big titles like ‘Blade Runner 2049′, ‘Daggers in the back’, ‘No time to die’, ‘Deep water’ either ‘The invisible agent’. She has more than proven her acting and physical abilities to be the next Lara Croft. Capable of being tough, sexy, brave and with enough tables in the field of action to be credible in the skin of the archaeologist.

In addition, we will have her as the protagonist from the Marilyn Monroe biopic ‘Blondie’ That smells like an Oscar nomination.

Many will know her as Kate Bishopalthough I saw her for the first time in Bumblebee and in the sequel to Giving the Note… we all have dirty laundry. There he already demonstrated his comical vis. In Marvel fiction it has exploded and has been the undisputed protagonistupstaging Jeremy Renner on many occasions.

Lady Croft’s humor is more acid than we have seen in her Kate Bishop but this actress has shown to have a wide range of records and it can give us a great performance if the script is good, something that is not happening in video game adaptations for the big screen.

I am a big fan of this actress; his physical presence is brutal and his gaze hypnotic. She has made an appearance in films like ‘The witch’, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ either ‘The Northman’ among others and (like the rest of the actresses) she has a bright future thanks to her abilities and her good work in the films in which she has participated.

Physically she may be the least athletic of the four, but that’s not a deterrent since Alicia Vikander almost had, and still has, the same build and delivered a brilliant Lara Croft.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Kick-Ass put her in the spotlight from all over the world with her devastating Hit Girl and from then on she has been growing as an actress playing different roles. We all remember her as Teri in ‘The Equaliser’ beside Denzel Washington either ‘The Fifth Wave’, ‘Carry’ either ‘hidden passenger’.

At only 25 years old, he already has a great career behind him. and that is something that very few actresses can say. She has been in front of a camera since she was 7 years old.

His charisma and experience are undeniable and his physical form for action is obvious with certain roles he has played. It is true that not much is lavished by large productionsbut this role would come in handy and would give greater weight to the interpretive part of a Tomb Raider blockbuster.

I have deliberately left out Alexandra Dadario since she is an actress, who, despite the fact that I love her and seems almost perfect to be Lara Croft, is always in all the pools to be this character and Diane Prince.

I think that the four actresses that I have mentioned fit perfectly to be the new protagonist of the reboot of Tomb Raider.

When we do these kinds of items we like to know who you think might be other options for this character. Leave it in comments.

For more information on anything related to Tomb Raider, be it movies or video games, I leave you all the articles on the web.

Greetings and remember: Locking the butler in the freezer in Tomb Raider 2 wasn’t cool, but we’ve all done it.

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