Tom Cruise apologizes to a couple for messing up their ride while filming a ‘Mission: Impossible’ scene


The actor has starred in one of the funniest moments of the week

Actor Tom Cruise.
Actor Tom Cruise.GTRES
  • Hollywood Tom Cruise: the complex network of jets, cook, ex-policemen, ex-military… with whom he always travels

Tom Cruise has been for decades key piece of Hollywood. A place of privilege that has been harvested thanks to its own merits. It is difficult to understand the success achieved without paying attention to Mission Impossibleone of the best-known movie sagas of recent decades and starring the actor from Syracuse. He is currently shooting new deliveries.

The actor was seen paragliding, in the Lake District National Park (UK) when he encountered several hikers who were walking around like any other day. Among them was a partnerformed by Jason and Sarah Haygarth, who have given an interview to Extra to recount the details of this amusing coincidence: “Towards the end of the walk, the last peak, we began to see helicopters that climb a ravine and throw people from the top…”, they began recounting.

The actor, paragliding, during a shoot.
The actor, paragliding, during a shoot.GTRES

The surprise for both was capital because his usual path was busy for an entire set: “When we got to the top, what must have been a member of the production team stopped us and said, ‘You can’t go. We’re going to land the helicopter on top…’ . So we took a selfie.” They keep explaining.

What they never expected was that whoever was inside the scene was Tom Cruise himself: “By the time we got there, people were talking about filming Mission Impossible… but I expected a double of his”, Sarah says, still stunned. But the big moment was when Nicole Kidman’s ex took a break from work to address them: “Sorry to disturb your peaceful walk with all the noise. I like your dog.” Passers-by asked him if he was going to jump from the paraglider, to which the actor replied: “Yeah, see you later.” Just Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes’ ex-husband is living a sweet year. To the success achieved thanks to the sequel to top gunhis role in the new deliveries of Impossible Mission. In this sense, there is good news for fans of the adventures of Ethan Hunt. the eighth installment it might not be the last. The director of the film, Christopher McQuarrie, has left the door open to continue the saga: “Let me tell you that I have been working with Tom Cruise for 15 years and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stood next to him, witnessed an event, and then told him about it in the papers the next day. And none of what they describe is actually true.”

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