The Venezuelan Will Smith who surprises in the streets of Peru


Caracas.- The center of Lima, the capital of Peru, has become a tourist attraction point for followers of Will Smith, but not of the actor, but of his Venezuelan double. A young man whose physical characteristics They resemble those of the remembered Prince of Rap.

Yashual Eduardo Avila Abello, 30 years old, He takes advantage of his resemblance to the artist to imitate some of Smith’s most recognized ways and earn money for his performance in Peru, a country to which he migrated to escape the Venezuelan crisis.

According to information shared by boys news through the social network Instagram, Ávila tries to imitate even the smallest detail of the styles of each character, as well as their gestures and dances.

The Venezuelan also has the support of a colleague who usually selects the songs for each show and receive the money that tourists pay in exchange for a photograph or recording video with the impersonator.

Yashua Avila has more than 30 thousand followers on his TikTok accountregistered under the name of “Double Official of Will Smith”.

The Venezuelan Will Smith, as they usually identify him, does its shows in Gamarra, a famous textile and industrial shopping center, located in the La Victoria district of Peru. He also appears in the tourist spots of downtown Lima, such as Calle Capón, Plaza San Martín, Jirón de la Unión, Central Market, and nearby streets.

Aymara HigueraView_4

Aymara HigueraView_4

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