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the disease of Jada Pinkettwho suffers from alopecia and has led him to suffer a depression, became the center of all eyes and conversations last night of Sunday, March 27, at the Oscars. That is how Will Smith’s wife has been, unwittingly, the protagonist of the joke of bad taste of the presenter of the gala, Chris Rock. An embarrassing moment that led Will to give him, with the intention of defending his wife, a slap and went viral instantly.

Hence, the eternal debate regarding what behavior would have been correct, in a situation in which many of our celebrities have taken a position, although neither violence is correct nor neither frivolize about a disease. However, there have been many ‘celebrities’ who, before Pinkett, already gave visibility to their capital problem, with the aim of normalizing it and undergoing the necessary treatment.

A few hours ago, it was Fabiola Martinez who spoke about it and was honest, like never before, about the disease that she has also suffered. Also other famous ones, like Ariana Grande, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley and more. At CHAIN ​​100 we remember it!

From Jada Pinkett to other celebrities with alopecia

It was in the year 2018 when we learned about Jade Pinkett’s alopecia problem, telling it herself and revealing the reason why she began to cover her head with scarves. Since then, far from hiding it, rather has made it visible. He even came to acknowledge his depression from the illness. All with the intention of normalize Y sensitize an issue that concerns so many women, without forgetting that exactly the same thing happens to men. Although it is true that, for socio-cultural reasons, it is more standardized and better seen.

As considered by the World Health Organization, alopecia known as androgenic, is a common disease and normally begins to develop from the age of 50although it depends on many other factors such as hormonal reasons and even, in some cases, it can occur at much earlier ages.

not just because of stress or other alterations of the organism, but it can be due to having mistreated the hair, for example with very aggressive dyes that spoil the hairLike what happened to Ariana Grande. According to various sources, Ariana It has been making its characteristic pigtails as ‘horse’, spectacular and unmatched. This was because dying for different reasons related to work, his hair was weakened and he began to suffer from alopecia. For this reason, her look has served to hide her problem.

Also, to another famous that the same thing has happened to him, it has been to Keira Knightley: for dying frequently, when interpreting all kinds of characters in fiction, and assuring that he has had to resort to wigs. On the other hand, what Kristen Stewart It was a nervous alopecia, and it is due to a psychological problem that involves a lot of nervousness and that can trigger hair loss, although it has treatment so that the hair grows back naturally.

Because sometimes, nothing is more significant than giving an opinion about something that has been experienced in the first person. In fact, Fabiola Martínez wrote the following: “Regarding what happened at the Oscars, I have to say that alopecia can be suffered by both men and women and it’s a shame that someone can mock from someone else for this reason. I have been applying a treatment to control the fall for years…”

With the best intention of wanting to help other people who are going through the same thing and are suffering the consequences of alopecia, so often frivolized in society, he explained that “there are various reasons; hormonal changes (menopausal), emotional (stress, anxiety), biological or even hereditarybut in all of them with adequate care at the beginning very good results can be achieved”. For this reason, making it clear that he did not want to advertise, he has recommended his trusted medical center, for anyone who can help him. “If this is your case, don’t feel afraid or ashamedseek professional help. I am very satisfied with the results”. Visibility, normalization and empathy. Nothing more to say.

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