The meeting of Alejandro Figueredo and Leonardo DiCaprio in a restaurant in Italy – TVshow – 07/20/2022

Alexander Figueredo enjoy a family trip through Italy. For about a week the journalist has shared, day after day, moments of the European vacations that he enjoys with his partner and his two daughters, with whom he has traveled dazzling landscapes and historical points.

But the trip also took place for colorful situations and even “cool” moments, like the one he starred in with Leonardo Dicaprio in a restaurant in the city of Florence.

On his Instagram account, Figueredo shared a video in which he wrote: “Go to dinner in Florence and meet Leonardo DiCaprio as a family…”, and musicalized with the central theme of the film titanica.

In the images you can see a group of people crossing the room next to the table where Figueredo is located. The queue is headed by DiCaprio’s fatherGeorge, who is a writer and artist and had a small role in the movie Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson.

He is followed by George’s wife, Peggy, with a turban that is already a characteristic mark in his aesthetic; the young Camila Morronecurrent partner of the actor Once upon a time… in Hollywoodand finally DiCaprio himself, incognito with a cap and a mask.

The event occurred in the La Giostra restaurant in the city of Florence, and will remain as an anecdote of Figueredo’s vacations, already immortalized in his own networks.

Alejandro Figueredo and his family in Italy.  Photo: Instagram @afigue2010
Alejandro Figueredo and his family in Italy. Photo: Instagram @afigue2010

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