The healthy and delicious recipe that still drives Sofía Vergara crazy

The Colombian actress has lived in the United States for decades, but she has not wanted or been able to depart from the flavors of her native land, so she often tries to recreate them with her family or in restaurants that prepare everything she likes.

By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office

One of the things I miss the most Sofia Vergara of his country, Colombia, is the enormous variety of dishes that enrich the gastronomy of the South American country. For this reason, proud of her roots, she often signs up to remember the flavors of her land with her loved ones.

Sofía Vergara loves spending time in the kitchen preparing exquisite Colombian dishes.

Originally from Barranquilla, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the actress and businesswoman based in the United States remains faithful to the consumption of fish. One of her favorites is the red snappera species that abounds in that region, but is also easily obtained in other parts of that immense sea.

The recipe that he most likes to accompany with the red snapper, is the one that also includes a rich Cherry tomato salad, which also enhances the flavor of the food and gives it the necessary touch to make a spectacular dish that Sofia Vergara consume quite often.

“It’s fresh, light and has the perfect flavor,” he said a while ago Sofia Vergara to People magazine. In addition to trying this exquisite flavor, the actress thinks about taking care of her figure, although she certainly prefers to admit that her curves come from genetics.

The actress assures that her attractive figure is the product of luck and health.

As a curious fact, the place where Sofia Vergara frequently request your favorite dish, it is an Italian restaurant. It is located at the Hotel Delano, in Miami, and it is the place where the actress has been going for a long time to remember the flavors of her early youth.

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