The director reveals that fans will discover new sides to Baby Groot’s personality in the shorts

The I Am Groot director has revealed that fans will discover new sides to Baby Groot’s personality in the Disney + short series.

The August 10 will come up Disney + I Am Groota series of 5 original short films produced by Marvel Studios entirely dedicated to Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) in which the little talking tree interacts with various new and unusual characters in moments never seen in movies about Guardians of the Galaxy.

During an interview published on the website of the D23, Kirsten Leporescreenwriter and director of I Am Groot, spoke about his work on the short film series. After explaining that the narrative potential for the shorts is limitlessLepore anticipated that fans will get to to get to know the character a little better and to discover new sides of his personality and character:

It is a lot of fun to have the chance to get to know him. Even if they only last three minutes, we learn a lot by seeing him in these different scenarios. We learn a lot about his character and how he behaves. I know a lot of people really love Baby Groot, so I’m excited to give them more and help them get to know this guy a little better. “

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