The best memes of the exhausting honeymoon of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their honeymoon in Paris and these are the best memes that have circulated on social networks of the romantic trip.

The internet continues to give us Ben Affleck memes. These days some of the actor from Batman, Loss Y Daredevil. And it is that last weekend, he and the famous actress Jennifer Lopez They celebrated their honeymoon in Parisafter saying yes in Las Vegas.

The actor was captured by a paparazzi while taking a nap on a luxurious yacht, which has caused network users to make memes of the moment, ensuring that a romantic honeymoon can be quite exhausting.

Very tired

According to international media, the nuptial agreement between Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleckstates that the couple should have sex at least four times a week. For this reason, the memes about the actor refer to the fact that he is not supporting said agreement.

like a mummy

Some followers of Ben Affleck have also commented that since his wedding in vegasthe actor looks more tired. What do you think?

Compared to Prince Philip of Edinburgh

Last year it they went viral the memes about the appearance of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who died in 2021. Now, the images of the ex-husband of Queen Elizabeth II circulated again on social networks to compare it with Ben Affleck.

Dominated by JLo

In addition to the images of Ben Affleck taking a nap, Jennifer Lopez shared through her Instagram account a photograph of her after the weddingwhich has been used to compare the physical condition of both actors.

In The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

Social network users could not resist and added Affleck to different images, such as the famous oil painting titled The Milkmaid.

Like Voldemort

“Let him rest, Harry. It’s Ben Affleck after his honeymoon.” One of the most recurring memes was the scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in which Harry sees the part of Voldemort’s soul that lived in him. Of course, they compared Voldemort to Affleck.

the day after the wedding

JLo’s photography has caused a lot of grace to the couple’s followersWell, he looks very different from Ben Affleck on their honeymoon.

Graphic description

There was no shortage of those who made memes with scenes from Dragon Ball Z. In this, they compared Jennifer Lopez with the android Cell, who can absorb the energy of his enemies with the needle of his tail.

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