Tenochtitlán is recreated in Minecraft

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Tlatoani began by recreating the pyramids little by little until achieving 12 of 67 temples to date. The temples of Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli stand out. In addition, he was in charge of creating the transport of the time, such as the trajineras, also the lake that surrounded Tenochtitlan and even the vegetation of the place. In the same way, taking into account the studies that have been done around the constructions of Tenochtitlanput colors to each pyramid bringing us closer to reality.

Similarly, Tlatoani did not skimp and not only designed and built the pyramids and buildings externally, but also recreated the interior in detail to show the lifestyle of the pre-Hispanic era.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originate desde.

The Greater Temple

Undoubtedly, the best known construction of Tenochtitlán is the Templo Mayor, a set of constructions involving towers, buildings and patios. In this place they met to make sacred offerings and funerary deposits, especially to the deities of war and rain, but architecturally, it is one of the tallest and best built pyramids, according to Mexica architects.

After Cuauhtémoc surrendered to the Spanish fleet after the conquest of Tenochtitlanthe Templo Mayor was taken by Cortés and his army, so the urban and architectural plans covered the vestiges of the ancient Mexica capital: Tenochtitlan. Even with this we can see real remains and now in Minecraft, thanks to the user Tlatoani.

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