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These celebrities were called “climate criminals” for CO2 emission.


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Taylor Swift It has been placed at number one in a list of celebrities that pollute the environment the most with the use of their private jets and the tons of CO2 emissions that their flights generate. In recent days, the Internet would have pointed to Kylie Jenner as a “climate criminal”, After it was confirmed that he used a private jet for a flight that lasted only 13 minutes, however, now the Yard agency portal has revealed the truth of who are the celebrities who pollute the most with their luxuries.

According to the data presented, after analyzing more than 1,500 flights in 2022 alone, it has been revealed that Taylor Swift It is the one that generated the most tons of CO2 emissions so far this year. the singer of shake it off would have surpassed personalities like Jay-Z and Floyd Mayweather.

The agency confirmed that Taylor Swift made 17 flights in 2022, accumulating 22,923 minutes in the air, which would be 15.9 days. According to the Yard agency, collecting data from CelebJets, the singer would be responsible for 8,293 tons of CO2 emotions and even evidenced one of her shortest flights, which lasted 36 minutes from Missouri to Nashville.

It is worth mentioning that Swift’s agent has released a statement in which he assures that the singer did not make all the flights because he has lent his plane, something very common among celebrities, however, in the record of miles flown, it is the name of Taylor the one who appears as responsible.

In fourth and fifth place on the list are Alex Rodríguez and Balke Shelton, then Setven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg, Oprah Winfrey and finally rapper Travis Scott.

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