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about time that Britney Spears could be happy and leave behind those very hard episodes of her life, in which she was under the guardianship of her father and could not see freedom for more than a decade. We remember that even her fans from all over the world mobilized massively on social networks with the slogan ‘Free Britney’, becoming a global movement that reached thousands of artists and celebrities who did not hesitate for a second to support her. Among their true friendshipsthe ones that have sheltered Britney both in the good times and in the bad, Selena Gomez is one of them. They surprised us a few hours ago on Instagram, where they exchanged messages. At CADENA 100, we reveal all the details!

Britney Spears and Selena Gomez are great friends! This is something that we were able to verify after seeing the photos of both at the wedding of the interpreter of ‘Toxic’. So the singer wanted to pay tribute to him publicly. Who wouldn’t want a friend like the Princess of Pop? As she usually does, the artist went to her Instagram account to share a photo and an extensive thank you messageaddressed especially to one of her closest friends in the last moments.

It shows that Britney is nostalgic, because she has decided to relive once again the happiest day of her life, where she said “I do” to her husband Sam Ashgari. A date that will remain etched in Britney’s mind and one of the many reasons is because the special people who attended your wedding and accompanied him on such a day as this. Many were the recognized faces of the world of entertainment who did not want to miss the link of the singer, among which were madonna, Paris Hilton, donatella versace, drew Barrymore either Selena Gomez and the latter was one of the most unexpected, to which he dedicated a nice post on Instagram. Here we have it!

What did Britney Spears say about Selena Gomez?

She came to my wedding!“, began expressing emotion, next to a photo of Selena Gomez. “The three most beautiful women in Hollywood”, I continue, referring to the singer, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton. “I had no idea! She was so happy!” expressed the singer. “He told me: ‘I just want you to be happy’ three times. My mother did too. She was so cool that she was able to reach out to me and share her thoughts. Even though I’ve been forced to see people against my will all my life, it was a beautiful surprise,” Britney Spears wrote on her Instagram.

Later, he applauded the work that Selena Gómez does today. “I appreciate all the mental health speeches you make for our generation. Two-hour specials with representatives. She is such a special person and she had to share this photo. I thought it would make her happy“, continued the Princess of Pop.

As we said in the message, the artist highlighted her relationship with her mother lynne following the termination of his guardianship last year. “PS… Paparazzi asked my mom 3 times on the street, ‘How does her daughter feel about her response to her wedding?’ She said all she wanted for me was to be happy. Mom and Selena, I am so happy to have such a supportive family“He added, showing that the bond and union with Selena is very strong and refers to her as family. In response, the star replied: “Am speechless. Britney, you are so kind and you have the most beautiful soul. I am more than lucky to meet you. You deserve all the happiness in the world!”  

The confusion of the fans

In the publication we have seen all kinds of comments, those who are happy that Britney talks about Selena and her mother, but on the other hand there are the confused followers. The questions have not been long in coming, because as far as we know, on more than one occasion Britney Spears has expressed in those strange posts of hers how her mother did not take care of her properly. Of course, let’s remember that when the singer got married, her mother shared some words that showed the good relationship they maintain: “You look radiant and so happy!“, Lynne Spears commented. “Your wedding is the ‘dream’ wedding!” And having her in your house makes her so sentimental and special!” she added. “I’m sooooo happy for you guys! I love you!, finished Britney’s mother.

In fact, lynne assured in court that her daughter could now take care of herself. But if so, why wasn’t she invited to the wedding? It is still a mystery. The fact is that we are glad that Britney at least feels happy and grateful to the people who support her today.

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