Red Ronnie and the diesel conspiracy: irony is rampant on the web

The rampant (and delusional) conspiracy of the former Roxy Bar host will never be talked about enough. This time to make you suspicious Red Ronnie – whose real name is Gabriele Ansaloni – was a petrol pump asking suspicious questions: “do you want to put petrol or diesel”?

Clear evidence that the refueling columns are actually there to spy on us.

Red Ronnie: “They want to know if I put diesel so they can sell my data”

Ronnie exposes his conspiracy theory – the result of a brilliant intuition he had while refueling – in a video. Here are the words of him:

“Tonight I went to get petrol, even diesel. I put my credit card in and I had only one column available: number 8, which included petrol and diesel. I put the card inside and it asks me: ‘do you make petrol or diesel’? What the fuck do you care ?! They just want to associate my credit card number with the machine I have. By putting diesel they associate me with the diesel, and they sell my data. Do you understand how it works? “

“Do you understand how it works?” Actually, dear Red, no. Also because, even if it were true that the columns had the intention of recording and selling our data regarding the type of fuel, there would certainly be no need to ask users directly.

Moreover, the PRA (Public Automobile Registry) already possesses the information regarding the owners of the individual vehicles, with the details of the engine of the same. It should in fact be remembered that diesel, to be extremely fussy, is not a type of fuel, but a type of engine. The reference fuel is called diesel.

Anyway, nit-picking aside, this is all good material for Maurizio Crozzawhich makes the imitation of Red Ronnie one of his most beloved characters.

The best memes and comments of the network on the “spy column”

After the positions on chemtrails, vaccines and even UFOs, the umpteenth imaginative externalization of Red Ronnie on the “spy” petrol columns has led the web to go wild with ironic memes, comments and tweets.

“Yesterday at the ATM to withdraw they asked me for a code, so as not to let them know how much I wanted to withdraw, I proposed it wrong 3 times. Now they withdrew my card, but they didn’t get what they wanted ”, writes a user on Facebook ironically.

But it is on Twitter that there is the real festival of creativity:

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