‘Predator: The Prey’ is a bloody prequel that respects the legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Star Plus

At once we anticipate that ‘Predator: The Prey’ meets everything necessary to satisfy fans of the franchise that premiered in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and can be seen on Star Plus.

Predator: The Prey It is located 300 years before the tape of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator, from director John McTiernan, only now we have Naru (Amber Midthunder), a young woman from the Comanche tribe interested in becoming an expert hunter like her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) and the men of her own. community. To achieve this, Naru needs to carry the head of the first species of hers that represents danger to all of her own, in her path the Predator (Dane DiLiegro) stands in the way.

From now on you can see the film on the platform of StarPlus (also Predator 2 and The Predator) and realize how the introduction of the antagonist is the best. The Yaujta begins to eliminate wild animals to show superiority between species and gain social status among his own, until he crosses paths with Naru and the Comanche. Little by little, the dangerous hunter prevails, and here begins the race to show who is the strongest.

Survival becomes the axis of the rest of the film, one must use primitive means, another, with high technology unknown to man. It is the fight of the strongest, there is no need to look for much more in this narrative, just enjoy the elaboration of the strongest strategy. That is, the law of lifeAs in Arnold’s movie, only the strongest survive in the Mexican jungle, a fate that does not smile on Mac (Carl Weathers), Dutch’s (Schwarzenegger) best friend.

You do not need to be an expert in Yaujta, nor in Comanche, although you will be able to learn more about this Native American culture thanks to the representation achieved under the supervision of a Comanche advisor. although yes you will enjoy the traditional easter eggs, such as healing, the bracelet, the spear, the bombs, the nets, all the dangerous alien arsenal; and the outcome of this film that clings to action, adrenaline and one hundred percent meets entertainment for all ages, much more than Alien vs. Predator.


The violence is devastating to many.

Fortunately, StarPlus he allowed mutilations and executions to preserve his bestiality. Otherwise it wouldn’t be predatory, the savage who collects the spines and skulls of his victims. Just the viscerality that even The Simpsons have shown in the seasons where they make cameos to the Yaujta or the xenomorphs.

Speaking of violence, it’s so much that the movie needs a warning for all animal lovers who are fans of this franchise or this kind of stories. Predator: The prey shows many scenes where the Yaujta skins snakes, stabs wolves, tears apart a bear, etc. Although no species was harmed during filming in British Columbia, there is visual cruelty that can hurt many sensibilities, as it did Cannibal holocaust by Ruggero Deodato, the teacher of Eli Roth, author of the remake Green Hell and Hostel.


There are weapons similar to those used in ‘Predator’ from 1987.

The only but it has is in a scene from Naru. In his intent to improve his weapons against this threat, he creates a boomerang-style ax out of a rope, proof that he seems to have the same magnetism that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has with his hammer Mjölnir. It has nothing rock. There they went a little out of hand or the influence of Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige in the Marvel universe.


The Yaujta, in ‘Predator: The Prey’.

Finally, the interpreter of Naru, Midthunder, a native descendant, does a tremendous job not to claim the director does not have a giant name within one of the most beloved franchises in fiction. Before saying goodbye we let you know, see the first credits, you will find the possible future of Predator: The Prey in Star Plusa film praised by international critics, well above the premiere of the moment Bullet Train, by Brad Pitt and David Leitch.

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