Music and dance at the Teresa Carreño plus the closing of the International Theater Festival

This week the Teresa Carreño Theater will have concerts and dance with the Great Mariscal de Ayacucho Orchestra and a tribute to the founder of the Young Choreographers of Venezuela Foundation, Carlos Paolillo. In addition, the International Festival of Progressive Theater 2022 closes its programming after a week of programming.

The Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Orchestra will be at the Teresa Carreño Theater on Sunday, August 7 at 11:30 am, when it performs in the José Félix Ribas Hall under the baton of maestro Luis Miguel González and with the young violinist Emilio José Donaire as solo guest. The repertoire of this Season Concert 33 Anniversary includes Verdi’s Forza del Destino; Violin Concerto in D major by Tchaikovsky and Symphony No. 7 by Beethoven. Ticket price: $5.

The National Dance Company, Teresa Danza Contemporánea and other guest independent dancers will perform at the Teresa Carreño Theater workshops on August 5 and 6 at 5 pm, and on August 7 at 11 am and 4 pm The show is a tribute to Carlos Paolillo, founder of the Young Choreographers of Venezuela Foundation, and will serve as a preliminary to the Festival of Young Choreographers of Venezuela. Admission: $5.

The 2022 International Progressive Theater Festival says goodbye with its latest performances in the country’s theaters with 8 national and 7 international pieces:

The schedule is as follows:

Verónica Arellano and Luis Carlos Boffill will star Back, at Trasnocho Cultural starting today at 6:30 pm This play is directed by Luis Alberto Rosas and is about how “after four years a couple of lovers meet again by chance.” Shows: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm Prices: $10 on Fridays, and $12 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Today August 5 at 7 pm returns to the Teatro Trasnocho the pigeon house, one of the works that participated in the VII Festival of Young Directors of Trasnocho Cultural. Patricia Castillo directs this staging that seeks to reflect dysfunctionalities and family problems in a fun but profound way. The cast is: Rossana Hernández, Francis Rueda, Patricia Ramírez, José Francisco Silva, Carlos Manuel González, Erick Palacios. Shows: Friday and Saturday at 7 pm, and Sunday at 6:30 pm Tickets: $10 on Fridays, and $12 on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the Sala La Viga, of the Chacao Cultural Center, will be presented didactic piece, written by Bertolt Brecht, with the participation of Zahir Mora, Armando Volcanes, José Ramón Hernández, Dionys Fuentes, Olmar Castro, Marlys Balza and the violinist Jhulianna Ramón. Flor Colmenares directs this play that tells how “a group of aviators and mechanics suffer a plane crash and fall in an unknown place, where a leader and the crowd judge them out of the ordinary.” Performances: Fridays and Saturdays at 5 pm, and Sundays at 3 pm Price: $10.

The Tambores del Taino Foundation will organize a concert this August 5 at 3 pm at its headquarters in the Juan Pablo II Urbanization in Montalbán. They pay homage to the band Desorden Público and will show parents the advances in their educational work. The event will feature Danel Sarmiento, Horacio Blanco and José Luis Chacín “Caplis” as guests.

On August 6 at 4 pm on String Ensemble Caracas will join the celebration of the 4th edition of the Caracas String Academy Summer Course, at the Humboldt Cultural Association. The group is made up of María Fernanda Montero and Carla Rincón on violins, Adriana Virgüez on viola and maestro Germán Marcano on cello. They will play pieces by Mozart, Astor Piazzolla, Gnatalli and the Venezuelan Suite by Carlos Armando Figueredo. Tickets: $5 and $10.

The comedy single, written and directed by Reinaldo Navas, can be seen at the BOD Cultural Center from Saturday, August 6 at 5 pm Fabiola Arace, Bárbara Arez and Margareth Aliendres play three women with very different personalities who share their experiences in love. Performances: Saturdays and Sundays at 5 pm Tickets: from 78.98 bolívares onwards.

On August 7 at 4 pm, children will be able to enjoy the BOD Cultural Center with Ponteporonte A hairy concert!, a show that celebrates 10 years presenting itself without fail during the holiday period. The public will be able to enjoy classics such as El Papagayo, Día de playa, Las riddles or La flea y el piojo, El espanto and Los dos gavilanes, as well as new proposals. Price: from $9.09.

Locke & Key returns with its third season on August 10, when it is available on Netflix. The adaptation of Joe Hill’s comic of the same name will follow Locke’s adventure as he searches for new magical keys, but now he must face even more threats.

“A town of cats is in danger and an unexpected hero emerges to help them: a dog named Hank!”, This is the synopsis of the samurai dogthe new animated film that arrives at Cinex on August 11 to amuse and entertain the little ones in the house.

One of the most successful comedies on Netflix, I never, returns with new chapters on August 12. The series will follow Devi’s quest to finally gain the popularity that she longs for.

On Friday, August 12, Netflix will also premiere 13: The Musical, one of the most important musicals produced by the streaming platform. The plot follows a New York teenager who, after his parents’ divorce, moves to a small town in Indiana.

Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg star in Netflix’s latest action flick, Day shift, which can be seen from August 12. Foxx plays a hard-working father who wants to give his daughter a good life, even if it means making a living in a peculiar way: hunting vampires.

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Antonio Delli and Gerardo Soto will take to the stage at Teatro Trasnocho with Pedro and the captain. This work by the Uruguayan Mario Benedetti, directed by Elmer Pinto, revolves around “an encounter between two men (tortured and tortured) that, little by little, is transformed into an acknowledgment between two human beings.” Shows are Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm Tickets: $10 on Fridays, and $12 on Saturdays and Sundays.

the comedy show Impromptu It continues in the Espacio Plural del Trasnocho Cultural on Fridays at 7 pm The show is based on the technique of theatrical improvisation used as a form of comedy. This proposal by the Akeké Circo Teatro group is produced by Lilver Tovar and directed by Jorge Parra. Tickets: $15.

Bullet Train is the new movie starring Brad Pitt and Puerto Rican Benito Martínez, better known as Bad Bunny. It is the story of five assassins who are inside a bullet train bound for Tokyo and whose paths cross.

the black telephone is an adaptation of the homonymous story written by Joe Hill, son of the famous novelist Stephen King. The psychological thriller and horror film tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who is kidnapped by a mysterious killer who has been stalking his town for a long time.

Marvel’s popular superhero Thor returns to the big screen with Thor: Love and Thunder. This new adventure of the god of thunder presents not only the character played by Chris Hemsworth, but also a female version of him who will be played by Natalie Portman.

Austin Butler stars Elvis, the Warner Bros film that chronicles the singer’s life from his rise to fame to stardom. One theme the film explores is Presley’s complicated relationship with his agent, played by Tom Hanks. The film can be seen in Cinex theaters.

Minions: A Villain is Born is the sequel to the fun animated film from 2015, where these peculiar yellow beings will make the whole family laugh with their adventures.

Lightyear tells the story of Buzz, one of the main characters of the successful animated saga, toy story. Only this time it is not about the toy that everyone knows, but about the character in which it was inspired. The film can be seen at Cinex and Cines Unidos.

Discover the life of Pete “Maverick” Mitchel, an experienced test plane pilot, in Top Gun: Maverick. The film is a sequel to Top Gun: The Passion and Glory, from 1986, and stars Tom Cruise.

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