Luis Fonsi’s firm warning to Tom Cruise, who is running as his ‘substitute’: “When he retires …” – Music

Luis Fonsi is one of the most beloved international stars in Spain. Every time she does a concert in our country, the expectation is more than evident and, moreover, she is also present and has been present in programs and talents musicals like ‘La Voz’, consolidating itself as an essential or a star signing of this television space.

Luis Fonsi raises the heart rate to his fans in Spain with a message


Since he began his musical career, he has left us great hits such as ‘Despacito’ or ‘Calipso’, which to this day continue to be part of the most listened to summer song lists, whatever the time and wherever. However, now it seems that the artist has decided to go one step further in his career to bet on cinema and, furthermore, has issued a warning to a renowned international actor. We tell you all the details in CHAIN ​​100!

On this occasion, Luis Fonsi has gotten on a propeller plane and imitating a photo and scene of the most iconic Top Gun, he has sent a message to Tom Cruise that, this 2022, he would once again be part of the cast of the second part. Between joke and joke the truth appears? We don’t have the slightest doubt, but the coach of ‘The Voice’ has not hesitated to send him this wink and note. “#TBT Training for when Tom Cruise retires in 2075. #TopGun”the artist has commented.

Luis Fonsi’s connection with Spain

As we said, there is a very strong and special connection between Luis Fonsi and Spain. Not only for the Spanish artists with whom he shares hugs and songs, but also for all the time that Fonsi has been here. He now he returns, unstoppable with his tour ‘Perfect Night Tour 2022’, and a few hours ago he launched this message on networks: “There is little left to start the tour of Spain. Ready?”. To all this, his unconditional supporters have not been slow to react: “I swear I can’t with emotion”, “from Barcelona we will go to Palencia” or “looking forward to being able to listen to you in Andalusia”. Next, we share all the dates of Luis Fonsi in our country. Do not miss it!

We know too well that Luis Fonsi deeply admires Antonio Orozco, one of the most talented artists in Spain. “If I had to look like someone in the immediate future, as a father, artist or person, I would like to look like you, with all my heart you are the inspiration, not only musically. That’s why I love you. Because you have a gigantic heart, brother. You have an art… and let it be recorded here that when you want me to sing with you I’ll leave whatever I’m doing to be by your side. You know that as a friend I love you, as an artist I admire you and you are a teacher”, he told him. And it is that Orozco has counted on the Puerto Rican to perform ‘My Hero’ together. One of those songs that continue to move like the first day.

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