Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities who fell in love with Sonora during their visit

It is known that the state of sound has places wonderful, either zones desert, wooded, mountains and the preferable ones, the beaches.

To level international the Beaches of sound are recognized, which makes it interesting for some artists to vacation in one of them, more specifically, the beaches of Saint Charlesan area that has hosted stars of all the world.

Next we mention you 5 famous who have stepped on our territory and in which exact places they have spent their free time.

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Martha Higareda fell in love with San Carlos

The actress mexican film and television was visiting the beaches of Saint CharlesNuevo Guaymas, for reasons of worked next to the actor omar chaparroduring the recording of one of his films, with the threat of returning to paradise.

Martha Higareda He comments that he had already heard about the wonders of the place but had not had the chance to visit it to confirm that, indeed, San Carlos has the best sunsets and the best views.

Viggo Mortensen spends a Christmas in Hermosillo

The actor Americanwho is distinguished for his participation in the famous film “The Lord of the rings”, decided to spend a Christmas in the state of sound.

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Viggo Mortensen’s visit to Hermosillo undoubtedly caused surprise in the networks socialwhere the actor could be seen with a sweater of the orange team, but not only did he stay in the capital, he also walked around Chueca Pointplace where he lived with the Seri Tribe.

Diego Luna chose Sonora as a location for one of his films

Renowned actor and producer Mexican Diego Luna, in 2014 decided to develop one of his films in the state of Sonora, since it seemed to him the best option for infrastructure for the context of your story filming.

The film was based on recounting the life of Cesar Chavez and is called “Cesar Chavéz: An American Hero”, Diego confesses that the light of sound It’s amazing, which is quite conducive to getting good shots, as well as being enchanted by the people and food of the city of Hermosillo.

Leonardo Dicaprio, the Hollywood star strolling through San Carlos

We’ve said it before Saint Charles without a doubt it is a place worthy of receiving people from all over the world, as well as stars of Hollywoodsuch is the case of the television heartthrob Leonardo Dicapriowho in 2016 visited our state.

No one imagined that an actor of stature international as the protagonist of titanicaI would choose a beach sound as destiny tourist and as if this were not enough, the reason for his visit was due to the interest of acquiring the Mansion of the late singer John Gabrielresidence that the Wolf of walt street liked it a lot.

Galilea Montijo looks fabulous during her visit to San Carlos

Galilea Montijo is recognized for being driver on the TV show “Today” and recently, in July 2022, he visited one of the Beaches more beautiful than sound has for the rest of the world.

In social networks, the actress could be seen, who posed with outfits incredible and seemed to enjoy the climate from the beach Saint Charleswhich he visited for a invitation to the opening of a location in an area exclusive.

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