Lara Croft could lead a team in the next Tomb Raider

And according to information obtained by the Sacred Symbols portal, the project could involve a team of “tomb raiders” at the service of Lara, in an action and adventure game “set in the present, while the world is shocked by a mysterious cataclysm”.

The portal accessed the casting notes for Lara, which would be a “true British” over 30 years old with a profile similar to that of Emily Blunt or Rosamunda Pikeand clarifies that the story will involve “romantic scenes with another female character.”

Next Tomb Raider built on Unreal Engine 5

The publication reportedly accessed a preliminary version of the script, which reads:

“Lara Croft is now in her prime. She is past her days as an inexperienced young woman focused on her legacy and settling family scores.”

“Lara has left her childhood behind and fully embraced the life of an adventurer… His legendary career has been praised and printed in newspapers, fantastic tales of adventure that have inspired a new generation of Tomb Raider to seek their fortune in the world.

“With this new stage in her life, Lara fully accepts her place among the ruins. For many years, Lara delved deep into forgotten places, played cat and mouse with many nefarious opponents, and worked to discover, preserve, and protect the world’s lost secrets from falling into the wrong hands.”

According to the text, there will be several characters involved in the gameplay, two of them mentioned as Devendra and Tanvi, who will help Lara face a challenge too great to solve alone.

“In this new adventure, Lara will face a challenge that she can only overcome with a team by her side. Her collaboration is foreign to him: she has always been successful alone, so in this situation she is like a fish out of water”.

The new Tomb Raider is only in the early stages of development, so we can expect it to be three years from now at least, but it looks like it’s going to be an all-out adventure.

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