Kim Kardashian in leather: the matchy matchy with the daughters is super Kardashian reveals one of the coolest looks of the moment, wearing leather and matchy matchy with her daughters

Kim Kardashian on Instagram gives us a fabulous look in leather and matchy matchy with daughters. The influencer and reality star is a true fan of the total leather look and never misses an opportunity to show it off.

Only a few months ago she had landed in Italy with a green leather outfitchoosing this material not only for the suit and the oversized coat, but also for gloves. Sitting in the front row of the Milan catwalks, Kim applauded her sister Kendall Jenner. Before that, in New York for the Met Gala, Kim had dared with a fetish look, covering herself in leather from head to toe and even wearing a zippered mask.

On Instagram it’s easy to see her sporting leather looks. Just a few days ago Kim had appeared in front of the flashes of photographers (and on social networks) with a crossover crop top and a wide neckline, combined with a pair of high-waisted trousers.

The last shot demonstrates, once again, Kardashian’s passion for leather, so much so that she also passed it on to her… daughters! In fact, on her Instagram she has seen wearing one of her iconic leather looks: a super sensual and gloved suit with gloves. second skin effect. The model paired this garment with a pair of futuristic mask glasses. A bold and original model just the way she likes it!

Kim’s choice shows us how the total leather look is now a growing trend. How to create it? The inspiration comes from the it-girls. The oversized leather shirt, for example, is a real must have to combine with contrasting leather trousers.

Among the unmissable pieces we find the leather suit, a key garment for celebrities and influencers, to be worn with the trench coat in the same material and knee high boots. On the other hand, leather allows you to revisit and transform any garment. The classic suit with skirt and jacket, for example, it becomes super rock without losing its natural elegance. On the other hand, playing with leather skirts is very easy, between different lengths and very high contrasting boots.

Do you want to try the leather look, but don’t know where to start? Try an unmissable combination: the oversized leather blazer with trousers of the same material. To give a hot and bold touch, opt for black!

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