Katy Perry wins legal battle: Dark Horse is not plagiarism

Katy Perry singer ended the court battle due to accusations that his subject “Dark Horse” It was a plagiarism of a Christian rap song called “Joyful Noise”, by the artist Flame.

For nine years, the singer faced trials about the originality of her great success. Finally, the big problem came to an end.

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It all started when Flame sued Katy Perry in 2013 and his production team. The court that handled the case ruled that “Dark Horse” had copied several of the most distinctive elements of “Joyful Noise,” which had been released in 2008.

Katy Perry had to pay $550,000 in compensation while producer Max Martin had to pay $253,000 and Dr. Luke paid $200,000.

Katy Perry

The Californian singer assured that she wrote the song in a span of four hours in Santa Barbara. In addition, her collaborators sent samples of instrumental bases for the melody.

This week another magistrate ruled in favor of Katy Perry. According to Billboard magazine, the court unanimously determined that the resemblance between the two songs is circumstantial. The defendants were released from any liability.

“The bit of ‘Joyful Noise’ that overlaps with ‘Dark Horse’ is nothing more than a blatantly conventional arrangement of blocks of music. Allowing copyright to apply to material of this nature would essentially entail imposing a monopoly of use for a sequence of two notes, or for an entire clef,” reads an extract from the ruling.

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In 2019, a judge determined that none of the elements of the note sequence of the main melody of “Joyful Noise” can be independently copyrighted.

To end the legal battle, the Los Angeles federal appeals court ruled in favor of Katy and her team.

As the legal conflict progressed, in August 2020 Katy Perry gave birth to her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom with her husband Orlando Bloom. The singer and the actor began their relationship six years ago and have been a stable and admired couple in the entertainment world.

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