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One more time Johnny Depp and Amber Heard they will have to face each other to start a new legal battle that will now take place in the United States.

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After airing his private life in a media trial in London, the actor and his ex-wife will return to court and today we tell you all the details of this new process.

What is the new trial of Depp and Heard about?

The trial between Depp and Heard is for the crime of defamation, that is Heard spread false information about the artist thus damaging his reputation, honor and/or dignity of Depp.

In the morning, Depp and Heard arrived at the court and they entered without giving any kind of statement to the press after the selection of the jury began in Fairfax, a small town in the state of Virginia.

Carrying banners that read “Justice for Johnny”, a small group of fans gathered at the entrance to the court with pirate flags alluding to one of the actor’s most famous roles, that of Jack Sparrow in the saga “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The case will even be broadcast live and both are expected to give their statement along with the actors. Paul Bettany and James Franco; in addition to the tycoon Elon Musk, among other celebrities.

Depp’s accusations against his ex-wife

Depp accuses Heard of searching “positive publicity for itself” before the premiere of the film “Aquaman”, in which he had a leading role.

Heard countersued and asked for 100 million dollars. He said that he suffered “unbridled physical violence and abuse” at the hands of Depp.

“The frivolous lawsuit that Mr. Depp filed against Ms. Heard maintains that abuse and harassment,” says the counterclaim.

Depp filed the lawsuit in the state of Virginia, where the Washington Post is printed and where laws against defamation are also considered more favorable for the plaintiffs there than in California, where the two actors live.

Article by Amber Heard in The Washington Post

The lawsuit stemmed from an opinion piece written by Heard and published in December 2018 in The Washington Post, where she is describes herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence” and claims to have been harassed by society after her allegations of aggression.

“I spoke out against sexual violence and faced the anger of our culture. That has to change,” the article was titled.

The actress did not mention Depp, whom met in 2009 on the set of “Diary of a Seducer” Y whom he married in 2015, nevertheless, in 2016 he had tried to obtain a restraining order to finally drop the charges as part of the divorce Agreement, that was finalized in 2017.

Following the publication of this article, Depp, who denies beating his wife, filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard, claiming $50 million in damages.

“The op-ed’s insinuation that Mr. Depp is a domestic abuser is categorically and demonstrably false. Mr. Depp has never abused Ms. Heard,” the lawsuit says.

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The trial will be presided over by Judge Penney Azcarate and is expected to last several weeks. It should be noted that the former Hollywood partner will appear in person, while other witnesses could do so by video.

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