How to destroy large sea buoys with speedboat missiles in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most immersive experiences in the battle royale genre, and in each game you can do everything from destroy structures and finish off anyone who gets in your way. Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event is almost over, but there are still a few more missions to complete to get all those free rewards, including one that involves destroying large sea buoys with missiles.

One thing we find quite interesting is that whether you’re not sure what the big sea buoys are, struggling to find them on the map, or just need some tips on how to destroy them with a motorboat, you’ll find all the details you need. need below.

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Large Sea Buoys in Fortnite are red structures with colored balloons attached to the top. You can find a lot of them floating in the water near the islands on the eastern side of the map. If you’re trying to complete the “destroy large sea buoys with speedboat missiles” challenge in Fortnite, we recommend heading to the speedboat dock floating in the water southeast of The Daily Bugle.

Enter a motor boat and there should be a large sea buoy right in front of you. Get close enough, point your crosshair at him, and then fire a missile. You may have to shoot twice to destroy it completely.

Once this is done you can simply follow the speedboat racing track around the water and you will see many large sea buoy locations along the way. Rinse and repeat until challenge is over.

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