his high train of life this summer

This summer we met the new woman who had fallen in love with Elijah Sacal after his breakup with sea ​​flowers. Since June, the singer and former member of the group Lollipop, Roberta Ruu, and the Mexican businessman began to go together to parties and pose in photographs that soon after became news. They are happy, regardless of the age difference that separates them -12 years- and they have not stopped traveling during their days off. This is demonstrated by its roadmap, a high lifestyle that is not suitable for all pockets and that proves that the economy of both works like a charm. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Capri Island, Saint-Tropez…there are many points on the map that have been visited either by boat, by private plane or in luxury cars, images that have not gone unnoticed and that we show you below.

Although Elías tried to stay in the background, since he started an affair with Roberta something has changed in him. He poses with wide smiles, he doesn’t care if his plans see the light and he has become quite an instagrammer. Together they have visited many corners, among others, those frequented by tycoon yachts, where you can even see faces known as Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney. The couple’s friends are deeply happy that they have taken the step and that theirs is working so well, something that they not only show in front of the cameras, but also behind them. Although at first they tried to go with lead feet, now they fully enjoy what unites them without any fear of being seen.

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