Giuseppe Gamba, the heartthrob of What is Karma’s fault? shows his altruistic side and his free spirit

The actor Giuseppe Gamba recently premiered on Netflix the movie What is Karma’s fault? with Aislinn Derbez

the handsome actor Giuseppe Gamba is premiering in Netflix the movie What fault is karma? beside Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni. The Mexican told exclusively for RSVP A little about your work and personal life.

As for this recent film that was just released on the streaming platform, he said that he did not know Mérida, the place where the film was shot, and said that the atmosphere among his colleagues was very nice.

“Very quickly I realized the human quality that my colleagues had and they were very loving and generous. I felt very sheltered.” said the actor.

The famous said that in the guild everyone should throw good vibes and especially in this project everything flowed wonderfully.

giuseppe gamba in movie with aislinn derbez

Instagram image.

About his character, called Roberto, he said he was proud, because he was a very kind and generous man.

“He is a person who always keeps himself in mind, but allows others to exist, he is a good adviser”expressed Giuseppe Gamba.

Throughout his acting career, he revealed that he has a role that he keeps very fondly, because for seven years he has put himself in the shoes of that character in a movie that has not yet been released.

“For me it was very enriching to grow up with him, he is a character that has many things, being able to inhabit him for so long helped me understand him from a more intimate point of view, that was the character that marked me the most, he was a lifesaver in my life. ”he confessed.

He told us that when he was a child his favorite actor was Adam Sandler, for he seemed to him an admirable person who always helped his friends.

“The human part and collaborating is very important, I liked that”, talked.

As for Mexican actors, he said that Pedro Infante, Chespirito, Diego Luna and Gael Garcia are some of his favourites.

“I find inspiration in everything, I don’t feel better than anyone, we all inspire each other”, Gamba said.

The altruistic work that Giuseppe Gamba loves to do

Giuseppe Gamba He is not only recognized for being one of the most famous actors in Mexico, but also for the altruistic work he carries out at the Dr Sonrisas Foundation.

“They help me more than I helped them, it is a foundation that works with children with chronic illnesses and helps them improve their quality of life and fulfill their dreams”, He told about his altruistic work.

giuseppe gamba mexican actor

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Since they built this foundation, he was present and said that it is a titanic task where they help both children and their families.

“I started a couple of years ago, I went as a volunteer to the things they did and then I got more involved with my word and my voice, which is one of the advantages of being a public person, raising your voice and being listened to”said.

Among his stories with this foundation, he said he met a boy named Philip who is always happy and looking for reasons to thank.

“I have learned a lot from them and to see life as a gift, I have become a better human beingGiuseppe confessed.

Giuseppe Gama, a free spirit who enjoys life

The actor said that he loves spending time with himself, he goes for walks a lot and does breathing exercises that help him see life with a grateful approach.

On a normal day, he exercises at home, plays video games, composes songs with his friends, writes and tries to work on himself to improve.

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Instagram image.

“I try to connect in an artistic way with things, I am very free, the most valuable thing that we human beings have is our individuality, the freer we are and the more we question ourselves, the more authentic we can be”revealed the Mexican actor.

Coming soon Giuseppe Gamba he will release another four films, will continue making music and will return to teach art and theater classes.

“It is one of the things that I am most passionate about, I am going to teach classes on acting, identity, creativity and I want to share the tools that have done me so much good. We should seek to improve our country and hold ourselves accountable.”ended.

Giuseppe Gamba is one of the young promises of Mexican cinema and we will continue to succeed in his next releases.

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