Four famous artists who were waiters years before they came to Hollywood

Before rising to international fame, some celebrities were forced to be waiters at one point in their lives in order to pay their expenses, as was the case with Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock.

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Hollywood never ceases to amaze everyone with celebrity-related news. It is well known that in this industry not everything is as simple as it seems, and once again, the stars confirmed it with their stories about what their life was like before reaching international fame:

Ava Elizabeth Philippe
Ava Elizabeth Philippe

1. Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Ava Elizabeth Philippe she is the daughter of Reese witherspoon Y Ryan Philippethis young lady has left a great teaching to many of her age, since, according to the okchicas portal, at 17 years of age she decided to take a summer job in order to understand the true value of money, by working as a hostess in Pizzana Pizza in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California.

2. Jennifer Aniston

The actress 53 years, Jennifer Anistonachieved international fame thanks to his role in the comedy series friendsplaying the character of Rachel Green. However, before making it big internationally, she used to be a waitress at Jackson Hole Burgers in Manhattan, New York City, according to netgelvin.

3.Amy Adams

Amy Adams She is one of the best paid actresses in the industry, according to what is issued by the netgelvin portal. Still, before making a name for herself internationally, she too was forced to wait tables at Hooters. So were her words:

“It was a great job after high school. I was a hostess at first and then I waited tables for a while and it was a great way to make money for a car.”

4. Sandra Bullock

Other prestigious names in the entertainment industry without a doubt, is that of Sandra Bullockalthough today her career is impressive, before achieving fame she became a waitress, bartender and hostess, as reported by the previously named portal, netgelvin, where they assured that Jennifer Coolidge he also worked with her at the bar, as Bullock said in an interview:

“She was actually the hostess and I was the cocktail waitress. She ended up getting my shifts because she had such poor attendance.”

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