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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have starred in one of the most mediatic weddings so far in 2022, and it is not for less, since it took about 17 years for them to return as a couple and end up getting married, as they had arranged to do in 2004 .

This, of course, is not alien to the comedian and actor Eugenio Derbez, one of the Mexican figures who have grown the most in Hollywood in recent years and who reaffirmed it by being part of the cast of CODA: Heart signalsOscar-winning film.

Now, the well-known interpreter of Ludovico P. Luche made a couple of ‘parodies’ on photos that recently circulated by the couple made up of ‘Batman’ and JLo, giving some fun to their Instagram followers. All this, with the help of his current wife, the singer Alessandra Rosado.

In the first, we see Eugenio in a blue shirt completely asleep on a chair. However, few realized that it was a reference to a series of recently released photos of Ben Affleck, in which we see him asleep on a boat and ended up going viral.

This, in turn, served for Rosado herself to announce the exercise plans and routines created by herself, under the brand of Method M.

Meanwhile, u can seeA photo of Alessandra Rosado in bed covered by white sheets and holding her phone in her hand while smiling at the camera. This was soon detected as another reference, specifically to a photograph that was uploaded Jennifer Lopez to her Instagram to promote your article website.

However, the actor preferred to take it with a bit of humor and accompanied the photo with a little joke: “That’s the smile I cause every morning… every time he sees me in pantiesDerbez wrote.


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