Chris Rock’s brother reveals possible reason for Will Smith’s slap

Apparently it was an accumulation of slaps, according to what Tony Rock mentioned during the published podcast.  EFE / Etienne Laurent

Apparently it was an accumulation of slaps, according to what Tony Rock mentioned during the published podcast. EFE / Etienne Laurent


In March of this year, the acting world was enveloped by an event that shocked entertainment, because during the annual awards ceremony for the Film Academy Awards, Will Smith and Chris Rock starred in the most uncomfortable and controversial moment, of what What about this 2022.

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The slap, which was the cause of comments, criticism, gossip and memes about it, was the one that, during the day of the awards, got all the attention and is still in the news for the last few days.

What happened during the ceremony?

In the middle of the presentation of one of the awards of the gala, the actor and comedian Chris Rock, referred in the form of a joke to the wife of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, to which the famous actor and protagonist of innumerable films who have gone around the world, decided to get up from his chair and slap the presenter.

His joke, in which he referred to Jada in a comparison with the protagonist of GI due to her hairupset the spirits of his partner and was what led him to take action in front of the audience and world television.

Jada suffers from alopecia, and after the prank and slap, Will Smith later yelled at Chris Rock with “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

The possible reason for the slap

Recently, in an interview on the podcast Top Billin’ with Will Bellamy, Chris Rock’s brother, told the possible reason why Will Smith would slap his brother during the awards ceremony.

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According to what Tony Rock told, this event was due not only to the comment about Jada’s alopecia, but also to an event with one of her close friends: 2Pac.

“I think that slap in the face was the buildup. It was a slap in the face on other levels.” Tony Rock stated. He further said, “He’s ‘soft’, and he always hated that ‘soft’ nickname. Jada will never let 2Pac die, there is always something about 2Pac and her son brought 2Pac back. I’m not going to mention familiar things that people don’t know… This is something that everyone knows.”

What triggered Will Smith’s slap

After this event, the marriage of these two celebrities went downhill, as doubts began about the emotional stability of the actor, which resulted in personal conflicts. According to Chris Rock’s brother, Will Smith always suffered from jealousy because of the friendship relationship that Jada had with 2Pac before his death.

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