Chris Hemsworth, unrecognizable on the set of ‘Furiosa’

Chris Hemsworth He is an actor that we have seen in different situations on the big screen. But not only in terms of roles, the American actor has had a long history of physical changes forced by the demands of the scripts of the projects he had in hand.

That yes, to Hemsworthas is the case with other actors such as Johnny Depp either Gary Oldman, does not usually have very crazy characterizations, since he always usually shows off his face with hardly any modification on the screen. Few alterations, beyond a beard, a hairstyle or clothing.

That is why the first images of his new movie ‘Furiosa’ have surprised and impressed all the actor’s followers on social networks.

The origin of Charlize Theron’s character

His new project is the prequel to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, directed by George Miller. In her, Chris Hemsworth is quite unrecognizable compared to the rest of the characters that the couple of Elsa Pataky.

The film will be attended by Anya taylorJoy, Angus Samson, Nathan Jones Y Tom Burke. However, the role of Chris Hemsworth It remains unclear as it has not been confirmed at the moment. Of course, some authorized voices already point out what her new role in ‘Furiosa’ could be about.

No one knows his role yet

There are many rumors that the Australian could embody the antagonist character of ‘Furiosa’, Dements. A subject who must face Immortal Joe to take over the Citadel and conquer the most important areas of the film’s setting. And it is that furious You must try to survive in such a hostile environment in these lands.

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This new project Chris Hemsworth is scheduled to be released for next year 2024. Exactly, on May 22, so the followers of the Australian actor will have to wait a long time until, not that the film comes out in all cinemas in Spain, but that it opens on official trailer.

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