Cardi B boasts the first photo of her son

The Dominican rapper Cardi-B He gave in to the insistent request of his fans and finally shared the first photo of his second child. But apparently, the singer is not yet ready to fully reveal the identity of her six-month-old baby, so she just showed off her long eyelashes in an image posted on her Twitter account. .

“That’s all they will have,” he wrote next to the photo that only shows one eye of the little one.

Contrary to his eldest daughter, Kulture Kiarithe singer has kept her son out of the public eye, defending her decision tooth and nail against critics.

“Why do people get mad because they ask to see my son and I answer? I can’t seem to do or say anything these days without people getting irritated. Maybe I should delete my social media or die because [qué carajo]”, he expressed. “If I publish it it is because I want attention, if I say what I think it is because I want attention, if I upload a photo I want attention, [si] I talk about my children, who I am with every day is because I want attention…[que carajo]”.


Cardi B/TWitter Cardi-B

The singer lashed out at her haters and made it clear that he will not limit his way of expressing himself just to please others.

“I will not turn off my light and my life for other people,” he wrote bluntly.

Although her detractors point out her wanting to attract attention at a time when other singers top the popularity list, Cardi assured that there is no hatred in her heart towards any of her colleagues, since she feels blessed with everything she has achieved in his life.

“God is so good to me. When I pray, he listens to me and blesses me. That’s why when I see other people doing well, I don’t have hate in my heart towards them,” he said.

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