Camila Cabello and Stromae take us into the island of love with “Mon Amour Remix” | Video clip | Present

Camila Cabello teams up with Stromae to create the remix of my lovea song published a few months ago by the Belgian artist. The theme is full of good vibes and rhythms that we would like to dance on the sand of the beachas they showed on the cover of the single.

The singer already defended that this song is taken “As a joke”, since for him it is a parody, as shown in the video clip. “The song is based on the sample of a melody of joropoa string instrument typical of the Venezuelan country and the rhythmic base resembles that of funk carioca (Brazilian)”so he explained what the sounds of the theme were like that he has already achieved over two million views on YouTube.

we already met a preview on the Cuban’s TikTok, where he left us wanting to enjoy the whole song. In addition, many users commented on the phrases where they felt identified in that piece that he had given us.

“I know Bad Bunny made a bad girl” (“I know that Bad Bunny made me a bad girl”) or ““i like him but i also like his friends” (“I like him, but I also like his friends ”), it’s two o’clock most commented expressions in the video.

The song starts with tropical sounds that give us good vibes to dance with that special person. But everything changes when the part of Camila Hair with some faster beats alongside catchy lyrics different from the rest of the topic.

A video clip on the Island of Temptations

The cover already left high expectations and the video clip has fulfilled them. On the cover we could see the two artists on a beach that looked like The Island of Temptations, a clear reference to the title and lyrics of the song.

What we did not imagine is that this video was going to be a compilation of some scenes from this reality show created in honor of the song. “The villa mon amour”, is the title of this new program and that relates it to all the editions that exist throughout the world.

the song is dedicated to that love that we would never change for anyone, even being on the island surrounded by more girls. “You know that you are the only one and that I will love you forever“, sings Stromae in the chorus

Throughout the video we see what happens in all these programs. Start by being cute and fun, while promising eternal love to that person. But everything changes when, in this case Camilaexplains that she is also going to have fun as he has, while the images of fights in the house are reproduced.

A very different and fun video clip that shows the reality of couples when they enter this type of contest. If we mix this clip, which no one expected, to some rhythms with such a good vibe, it gives us a hit like this. We are sure that we will hear it more than once this summer.

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