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Britney Spears sings again. The 40-year-old interpreter shared a couple of videos on her Instagram on Saturday. In them she can be seen in the shadows of her house, singing a cappella which was his first great success, Baby One More Time. “This is me yesterday doing the laundry and separating the clothes,” explains the singer in her publication, truffing her emoticon speech. “It’s been a long time since I shared my voice… maybe too long. And here I am playing at home with a different version of Baby”.

It is the first time that Spears has sung in public since she was released from her guardianship, a situation that has subjected her to the iron control of her father for 13 years. James Parnell Spears, 70, managed her daughter’s fortune, limited her appearances in public and even decided on her personal life, preventing the singer from marrying or having a child. The guardianship ended, after a media trial and after the resignation of Spears father, in September 2021.

The singer refers to this situation in the Instagram post, explaining that she has wanted to re-record her first hit for years, a decision that was blocked by the team managing her guardianship. “Well I’ve been asking for what she wanted for 14 years… a different version of Baby, but that the producers really work hard and put it together, but the team said no, ”explains Spears. “And what they offered me was a version of four girls, including my sister, doing a five-minute remix of four songs.”

This comment may be a reference to when her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, sang a remix of several of her hits at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, a gesture the singer has reprimanded her sister in the past. At the performance five years ago, Spears, who was in the audience, can be seen applauding the tribute with a forced smile.

Britney Spears has been at odds with her little sister for months, in an open war that is being waged, especially on social networks. The confrontation arose as a result of some statements by Jamie Lynn in which she justified her passive attitude towards her sister’s judicial guardianship and the personal ordeal she has suffered in recent years. At the beginning of January, Britney commented that she did not like that her sister — that she has done some work as a singer but that she mainly develops her work as an actress — sang her songs. “My so-called support system has hurt me deeply,” she went on to say.

Now this new publication comes to add more wood to the confrontation. In it, Spears accuses her family of taking away her rights, and “ruining her womanhood.” Despite having gotten rid of her parental guardianship, the litigation between her and her father has not yet ended. The singer’s lawyers accuse her father of having kept 6.3 million dollars (5.9 million euros) of her fortune, and also of “paying her partners tens of millions more” throughout a guardianship which they describe as “corrupt and conflictive”.

Since regaining control of her life, Spears has been open and has shared part of her private life on her social networks. She there she announced, last April, her pregnancy, and her subsequent abortion. She also used Instagram to announce her wedding and later post snapshots of the liaison, which linked her with 28-year-old Iranian Sam Asghari. At the moment all these news are more related to her personal life than to her professional life, but in this new post she Spears makes it clear that she wants to sing again. And that she has a voice for it.

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